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2m 17cm

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Q: What is declan galbraith's height?
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Declan galbraiths favorite color?


What are the names of Declan Galbraiths Albums?

His first album: DeclanSecond: Thank YouThird: You And Me:)

Who was declan galbraiths ex-girlfriend?

He had a girlfriend. Her name was Kasey. They are not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore.

Who is shannin abbott?

Shannnin Abbott is Declan Galbraiths Current Girlfriend and she is 2 years younger then him and he is 18

When is declan galbraiths birthday?

December 19th. This year (2009) he will be turning 18. Hes all grown up! =)

Where is declan galbraiths house in America?

I don't know but I don't think he has one there. He was born and raised in England and currently (2015) he lives in Germany.

How much does declan galbraith weigh?

Declan told me on his FOD Account that he weigh 142 pound and his height is 5 feet and 6 inches.

What is the birth name of Declan Joyce?

Declan Donnelly's birth name is Declan Joseph Oliver Donnelly.

Will declan and angelika last longer than declan and lana?

"yep" - Declan

I am having a boy is Declan Blake a good name?

I think Declan Blake is a good name! You may want to consider some other middle names aswell such as: Declan Luke Declan Louis Declan Reece/Rhys Declan Frazer Declan Jack Hope I helped!

Does Declan Galbrith have MSN?

No, Declan does not have a MSN.

Is Declan Galbraith Mean?

No, Declan is not mean.