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there relationship is very negative, loveless, pointless and trust less.

They don't love eachother, they don't trust one another

so there is no point in them being married

But, curleys wife only married curley for the crack, to have a better life and for the money. She was easily lead into a happy life marrying him, as it was the great depression and times were hard. There was a bit of money in curley's family as his dad is the boss in the ranch he works at

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Curley and his wife's relationship is loveless, pointless and trust less

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Q: What is curleys relationship with his wife?
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The dance palace

Does curleys wife really know what happened to to his hand?

Yes she does.

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she was forced to

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okay so his wife dies at page 1

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In the novel, Curley says very little about his wife. The most he says is 'has anybody seen my wife?!'