What is cuckolding?

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Without simply copying and pasting another persons answer here, cuckolding is when a married women has sex with one or more men with the husband's knowledge. The husband may not only be aware, but may encourage this and even find it stimulating. In other words, she is screwing other guys and he knows and likely even likes it. He may get off on the "badness" of it, the humilation of it, watching it or simply hearing about it. Some men are aroused at the idea their their mate prefers the other guy especially if he is better endowed. He may want to be made to feel like a women while she gets a "real man". Other topics that may be related to this are: male chastity feminization small penis humilation femdom

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Q: What is cuckolding?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Cuckolding with Carter - 2013?

The cast of Cuckolding with Carter - 2013 includes: Carter Cruise

When you are married and your wife cheats what is that called?


What is the cuckold couple?

A couple, married or in a committed relationship, who indulge in a cuckolding fetish. A cuckolding fetish is one where a person gets a masochistic thrill from having their partner have sex with someone else (and/or from being the partner who does so.)

Somebody answered a question of mine regarding cuckolding could they tell you more?


Should cuckold men wear panties?

Only if they are into that. While cuckolding is a masochistic emasculation fetish, that doesn't mean that every cuckold is also turned on by crossdressing or petticoat discipline.

What does capron in spanish means?

I believe its the equivalent of the old English phrase of cuckold or cuckolding .. literally meaning to know that's ones wife is being bowled by another chap and one does absolutely nothing about it ...

What are cockle shells in Mary Mary quite contrary?

In the nursery rhyme 'Mary Mary quite contrary',' which was written about 'Bloody' Mary, cockleshells are used to represent the fact that her husband (Prince Philip of Spain) has cheated on her many times, which in them days was called Cuckolding.

Is cuckolding popular?

Data on sexual practices is notoriously unreliable. But according to most U.S. research a solid majority of Americans have had extramarital or extra-relationship sex. Other research suggests that it is a common fantasy for both sexes. So in that sense, you would have to say yes. More complicated is the issue of cuckolding as a fetish. It is a not uncommon fantasy, according to surveys, and according to recent big data analysis of web searches, much more prevalent then previously assumed (or admitted to by survey takers). But the number of people actualizing it as fetish play experience is probably quite small as a fraction of the population.

Are some men more likely to be cuckold than others?

If you are talking about cuckolding as a fetish, then yes. Fetish Cuckolding is a type of BDSM fetish, so men who get off on submission, status reduction, humiliation, and emasculation are among those most likely to have a cuckolding fetish. Such fetishes are the eroticization of fear and is usually a reaction to an upbringing or traumatic event that rendered the specific fear so terrifying that the mind had to find a way to protect itself from it.Cuckolding is the fetish that eroticizes fear of rejection by females and inability to live up to expectations of cultural expectations of masculinity as concern mating. (More rarely it can go the other way.) So men who have very deep fear of women - those often called "shy" and who can't bring themselves to ask women out or make a pass - are more likely to develop this fetish then men whose fear is manageable enough that they swallow hard and get these things done. This is often the result of an a feared, cool mother and/or an absence of sisters or other sympathetic females in the man's formative childhood years.Of course nothing is guaranteed with individuals, but you the question you asked was a relative one - "more likely."

What makes men cuckolds?

Their wives. Seriously, it depends on what you mean by cuckold. If you mean the simple definition of a man with an unfaithful partner, it could be many things. If you mean "what makes a man a cuckold fetishist," then fetich is an eroticization of deep-eseated fears and in the case of cuckolding the fear being eroticized is that of being rejected or snubbed in the evolutionary and social competition for a partner. Such a fear can be the result of trauma or of an accumulation of small things, but either way usually traces back to experiences in the formative childhood years. Basically, the fear touches such a strong nerve that the brain has paired it with sexual excitement in order to protect itself from being paralyzed. When the fear is engaged, the brain released feel-good sex hormones to keep from crashing like a computer. The man in question learns that he can trigger those sexual feelings by accessing the fear and so begins a cycle of association. In some cases the cuckold fears may be a bit different. For instance, their are some humiliation fetishists who gravitate towards cuckolding because of its extreme humiliation value.

What do masters make male sex slaves do?

Really it depends heavily on the individual relationship. In a complete master slave relationship the master makes a slave do whatever he wants. In other relationships the master will use the slave within certain guidlines or the slave will have a safe word to end the session. Things common to master/slave or mistress/slave relationships include: -humiliation - cross dressing -forced bi-sexual -discipline -pain -bondage -cuckolding

Is cuckolding natural?

That is very much debated. In non-human species, breed parasitism is a strategy sometimes used to enhance the reproductive odds. Among humans, there has been research that suggests that the jealousy generated by non-monogamy increases male libido and therefore the quantity and force of male ejaculation. The theory is that this sperm competition leads to an arms race that enhances the prospects of breeding. The theory is respectable among scholars, but recent and controversial. In psychology, fetishes of all kinds are considered completely natural responses to developmental experiences and stimuli. Issues only arise if they prevent healthy functioning of the individual.

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