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The conus arteriosus is a single, wide arterial vessel leaving the ventricle and passing ventrally over the right atrium.

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Q: What is conus arteriosus in a frog?
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The fourth chamber of a fish heart an elongated pump is known as the?

conus arteriosus

What is heart of the frog?

first the frog heart (amphibian ) has a three chambered heart two atria and one ventricle the ventricle is not fully separated its partly separated by the conus arteriosus the blood , however stays mostly unmixed the ventricles deliver oxygengtal (efferent) blood to the systemic and pulmocutaneous arteries

All of internal organs of the frog?

Fat Bodies Liver Small and Large intestine Oviduct Gall Bladder Stomach Pancreas Rectum Heart Conus/Truncus Arteriosus Larynx Lungs Postcaval Vein Ovary Spleen Kidney Adrenal GL. Testes

What is the function of the conus arteriosus?

shunt that allows the blood to bypass the lungs until they are fully developed and the infant is breathing on its own ===Joline Preligera===

What is the fourth chamber of a fish's heart known as?

Most fish have only two heart chambers.Amphibians and some types of primitive fish have four heart chambers, and the fourth one of these is known as the conus arteriosus.

What is the function of Truncus arteriosus in frogs?

is to assist in breathing as grown frogs do not have gillshelps air flow to the lungs (used as an air way)It most likely helps a frog breathe because the do not have gills when they are grown!

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What is an abnormal opening between the pulmonary artery and the aorta?

Patent Ductus Arteriosus

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