What is controltrim?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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(as of March 5, 2008) Controltrim is actually known on the USDA (United States Dept. of Agriculture) website as C-Trim or Calorie-Trim. It was developed from barley and oats. For more information, see the Related Links below. The first one, a newspaper article, is more for the layperson; the second is an abstract from a more technical paper authored by George Inglett and presented to the 2006 American Oil Chemists' Society Meeting. The abstract gives more history of the different types of trimming products developed and patented by USDA-funded or in-house scientists, products that private companies then buy rights to manufacture.


(from a previous user)

Controltrim sent food products to my office, suggesting a comparison taste test with products that didn't contain Controltrim. I requested specific information on how Controltrim is produced (i.e. what chemical processes make it different from the oat bran you can buy in a store). Here is the company's answer:

"I wanted to get back to you on your question on why Controltrim would be different than the oat bran you can buy at your local grocery store. The difference is you can actually cook with Controltrim and add this into your favorite recipes, baked goods, sauces and dressings. It's an ingredient that you can incorporate into foods. We had sent you samples of brownies as an example of what you can incorporate Controltrim with. In addition, you can also incorporate Controltrim into other baked goods including cookies and cake and into sauces such as Ranch dressing and Fettucine Alfredo sauce.

Controltrim is a revolutionary breakthrough which is USDA developed, is all-natural and made from oat bran and helps reduce fat in recipes by up to 50%. It has no side effects, is tasteless and odorless. Also, the taste in foods will not change. It comes in powder form and replaces most of the butters and oils found in baked goods, dresses and sauces."

After receiving this answer, I replied that it hadn't answered my question, and that I wouldn't be consuming any of their product unless I got a straight answer about the product. They did not reply.

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Q: What is controltrim?
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Where did control-trim come from?

Developed in 1995 and patented in 1998, it was originally licensed by FiberGels Technologies, Inc., and more recently was acquired by Circle Group Internet, Inc., of Mundelein, Illinois. Created by the USDA from crop-processing byproducts, such as oat, soybean, or rice hulls, it is a natural food product that is being marketed as Z-trim. The techonolocy has also been marketed under different names such as LA Weight Loss's Controltrim.