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Assuming you slept all night, when you get up in the morning, you test the urine you produce at that time. The idea is that it's more concentrated because it's been sitting in your bladder for several hours.

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When your first arise from bed. The medical doctor needs this sample to be taken before you eat or drink anything.

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not unless your old

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Q: What is considered first morning urine?
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What is best time of day for proper urine sample?

The best time of day for a proper urine sample is first thing in the morning. This is because the urine is more concentrated then.

How much urine can you have first thing in the morning?

However much is in your bladder. I would assume.

Is it possible to get a positive result with first morning urine but get a negative result with urine after that?

Yes, the urine in the morning has high quanties of the hormones needed to produce a positive pregnancy test. If you are very early on in your pregnancy, it could show up negative later in the day, either wait a bit longer - a few more weeks, before taking another test, or even better go to the doctors and he will do a blood test! Yes, that is why the instructions tell you to test with the first urine you pass in the morning. The test is 99% accurate if positive with the first urine of the day.

What if your urine test is too dilute?

If your urine is too diluted, the test may show a false -. It's best to test with your first morning urine to ensure it is at it's highest concentration.

Your periods areirregular but when you get them your urine is like pure blood especially first thing in the morning im 46yrs old?

Next time you get your period, try wiping as if doing a "clean catch" urine specimen before you urinate in the morning. If there is still blood in your urine in the morning during your period, contact your health care provider for an exam.

What do you look for in urine for a pregnancy test?

Pregnancy hormones if your producing them your pregnant

Why is your first morning urine look brownish red?

uhhh it isn't? you need to see a doctor asap

What are the types of urine specimen?

The types of urine specimens commonly used for testing include random urine, first-morning urine, clean-catch midstream urine, and 24-hour urine collection. Each type provides different information based on the timing and collection method.

How long after a diluted urine test should you test again?

first thing when you wake up the next morning

What is the best time to test for a pregnancy?

If you want to avoid fake results, the best time to test is after your period is suppose to start. Take it first thing in the morning with your first morning urine. That would be the most accurate.

When is the best time check for pregancey?

First thing in the morning. Right when you wake up. The first urine of the day is always the best time to check for pregnancy.

What is proteinuria?

Proteinuria is a word made from two other words: Protein + urine. So proteinuria means there is protein in the urine! The most common cause of mild to moderate proteinuria is just from being up on your feet and active all day. This can be confirmed by rechecking it on a first morning sample (first thing after getting up in the morning). If the morning sample is normal then nothing further needs to be done. If the proteinuria is severe, persists in the morning, or is accompanied by other lab or physical abnormalities then it should be evaluated.