What is congrent?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Congruent means that more than one person have agreed on something. It also can mean that two or more people are in harmony.

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Q: What is congrent?
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It has 1 obtuse angle and none of the sides are congrent?

it has one obtuse angle and none of the sides are congrent

What does congrent mean?


What polygon has all congrent sides?


Is every quadrilateral with four congrent sides a square?


A triangle with only two congrent sides?


What is a parallelogram with four congrent sides and fo right angles?

a square

What are the two congrent angles called in an isosceles?

Equal base angles

What plane figure froms 3 congrent faces of a trangular prism?


What 3-dimensinal object has 4 faces and all faces are congrent?


Do all rectangles have 4 congrent sides?

No. Usually only opposite sides are congruent.

Which type of triangle has three congrent sides and 3 equal angels?

We call it equilateral.

How do you draw a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel lines and 2 congrent sides?