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my doctor gave Congaplex to me for the flu, I had a runny nose, mild fever, sore throat and cough. I refuse to take any antibiotic and this is my alternative as a homeopathic remedy. I just started today so I can't tell you if it works or not....but this is what I was given congaplex for. If you are wondering he advised me to take 4 capsules three times a day on day one and then 3 capsules three times a day for three days and if better on day 4- I can stop. If i remember I will comment on how it works!

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Q: What is congaplex used to treat?
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Congaplex is safe. Congaplex is filled with antioxidants and is specially formulated to boost the immune system. It is also great for aiding in digestion.

What is congaplex used for?

It supports and stimulates the immune system and also supports the healthy function of the upper respiratory system

What are side affects of congaplex?

After two weeks of severe illness with only a slight improvement after being on 4 different meds, my doctor suggested (after I called to let him know I was still quite sick) congaplex. I have been on it for three days now and feel 99 per cent better. I have had absolutely no side effects of any kind.

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