What is comitment?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Comitment is basicly sticking to somthing you say (:

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Q: What is comitment?
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What comitment Tagalog?


Why my boyfriend ants me to move in with him with no comitment?

He probably only wants you for your vagina.

How do you do good in gymnastics?

you sucseed in gymnastics,or any sport for that matter,respect your coach or those around you.Concentrate be prepared to work hard and comitment. remember with comitment and will power you can do ANYTHING. thanks 08lowek x

What is a person assurance that you will keep a comitment?

You must build trust , By living up to your word.

When a prospective employee has many job options available which type of commitment is affected?

affective comitment

How long does it take to get shipped to Marine boot camp after comitment?

It varies, I waited 4 months.

Been with boyfriend for four years with no comitment what's going on?

maybe he isn't as serious bout you as you are bout him

Why does your husband withhold his affection such as touch compliments and love with you?

because he looks at you he sees comitment,he sees what he will never be.

What finger do you wear a comitment ting on?

the ring finger, the finger second last right before the pinky

Can you change a 2002 ford explorer transmission to one from another year?

yes. it takes some work and comitment but yes

How do you convince whatever you did to another human being is very hurtful and wrong to anyone affected by it?

tell them you are sorry and live up to that comitment

What advantages did a protectorate have over a colony?

It cost less to run thana colony did, and did not require a large comitment of military support