What is coarse facies?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Facies are your facial expressions (, which can indicate conditions such as Williams syndrome ( and other forms of mental retardation. Coarse facies, in particular, are often associated with mental retardation. Coarse facies simply means that the facial expressions are coarse, which could represent congenital hypothyroidism ( or spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia ( Coarse facies, while often associated with mental retardation, is not the sole indicator, however, and other tests should be run as well.

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Q: What is coarse facies?
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Which is a syndrome with polydactyly coarse facies hirschsprung's disease?

Clinical doesn't fit Hirschsrung's disease. Smith-Lemli Opitiz syndrome presents from birth with coarse facies and polydactyly.

Which metamorphic facies is associated with subduction zones?

blue schist facies

What is the meaning of facies?

In geology, a facies is a body of rock with specified characteristics.

What is the difference between facies in sedimentary rocks and facies in metamorphic rocks?

Most regional metamorphic rocks are formed in conditions within this range of geothermal gradients, passing through the greenschist facies to the amphibolites

What is the texture of hornfels?

I too would like an answer to this question as it seems hornfels could be of varying grade dependant on the temperature. The facies of contact metamorphism progress in temperature at relatively low pressure from the Albite-Epidote Hornfels Facies to the Hornblende Hornfels Facies, to the Pyroxene Hornfels Facies. It seems that hornfels do have differant grades.

What is a facies fossil?

Is fossil which is present in more than one facies or environment. Body of rock with features that distinguish it from other bodies of rock

Which metamorphic facies represents the highest temperature and pressure conditions?

It's eclogite facies.

What does facies mean?

Prima facie is Latin for "at first sight". (The word facies in Latin is literally "form" or "shape", but has extended meanings of "face" and "appearance").

What is Latin for face?

Facies (genitive: faciei, f).

What rhymes with Euphrates?

Optimates, Babies,Facies,Rabies

what is the where it raines and rock gets smoother called?

sedimentary facies

Which of the following metamorphic facies are characteristic of burial metamorphism?