What is claudication?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Claudication is a cramping pain that limits walking ability. The pain is caused by pressure on a nerve. When a rest the pain will go away resulting in intermittent (pain is at rest). But start to walk again and the pain will reappear. Claudicationmostly affects the calf muscles.

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Q: What is claudication?
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Lameness or limping?


What is neurological claudication?

Neurological claudication is a symptom of lumbar spinal stenosis. It is basically inflammation of the nerves in the spinal cord.

Claudication might more simply be called?

Claudication is the medical term for limping. It is used when describing an abnormal gait to do pain, discomfort, or tiredness.

Which term means lameness or limping?


What does nivts mean its a test the do to determine if you have claudication?


What is the process of lameness or limping?

Claudication, which means "limping" in Latin, is when limping occurs due to pain or a physical impairment. The sensations of claudication are felt in the leg or buttock regions.

Does Burgers disease cause gangrene?

Yes. Quote from the Related Link: "Clinical Presentation : varies with the stage of the disease. The patients may present with foot claudication and later with calf claudication. Gangrene and ulceration may follow the above symptoms, but many times they may occur without previous history of claudication." Definition of claudication: pain or fatigue in arms and legs due to poor supply of oxygen to the muscles.

What is cramp pain in the calf muscles that is relieved by rest?

intermittent claudication

Pain in the leg muscles that occurs during leg exercises?

intermittent claudication

Cramp like pains in calves of legs caused by poor circulation?


What condition is due to poor circulation and is associated with peripheral vascular disease?

Intermittent Claudication

Pain tension and weakness in a leg after walking has begun but absence of pain at rest?