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This will sound crazy but after deep meditation i have realised that the nerve twitching on the top of the foot is actually your consciousness recognising a mind-body connection at a very rare and deep level. a level in which often frightens psychics and clairvoyants. It is said that the twitching of the nerve in conjunction with statements from your consciousness, with the twitch respondind or not responding, revealing a mystical psychic truth or abilities and power.

For example a person may make a statement. My name is John.

If it is John, the nerve may twitch, if he states my name is not John it may or may not. depending on the statements truth and the reaction. then you know if your a truth twitcher or a truth non twitcher.

Your consciousness can pose hyperthetical questions into the universe such as will i marry this year?

if it dosnt twitch it may be a no

will i marry the year after

then it will twitch and it will mean yes.

its very scary when it happens to you but also powerful

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Q: What is causing nerve twitching on top of foot?
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Is there any type of toilet seat cushion I can used to prevent the top of my foot from being in pain?

The position that your body is in when you're sitting on the toilet is likely pinching a nerve that you are noticing in your foot, which is causing the pain. You could try slouching or sitting more upright to see if that helps to decrease the foot pain. It is important to check with your doctor to make sure that it is not something more serious that is causing the pain.

There is swelling on the top of my left foot.?

If it is causing you some distress then we advise you do something about it.

Is a Hard lump on top of foot sore when pressure applied what is this?

A lump on your foot could be metatarsal-cuneiform joint exostosis depending on where the bump actually is, the talonavicular joint is pretty close by and this joint is also prone to exostosis. Or. Excess growth. witch is normally harmless, and surgery could be done to remove them, but that is only recommended if it was pushing on a nerve very close to them and causing nerve pain. if you have a lump on your foot you should see a good doctor.

I dropped a large object on my top of my foot where I have Morton's neuroma if I pick my foot up to wash it feels like a hot poker is on top of my foot. Do you think I severe the nerve?

Severing a nerve means loss of feeling and movement for the area affected. Because you feel pain in this affected area, it is not likely that the nerve was severed. It may be pinched or otherwise damaged, however, so it could be in your best interest to see your doctor. Good luck!

Where is pain felt when a L5 nerve is pinched?

Pinching of the L5 nerve causes weakness in the big toe and ankle and pain on the top of the foot that may extend up to the buttocks.

What path does the sciatic nerve follow in humans?

The sciatic nerve in humans begins in the lower back and runs through the buttock and down the lower limb. As well as this it goes from the top of the leg to the foot.

What does it mean when your top lip twitch?

top lip twitch means to put your lip in your eye and keeep on twitching wierdly

How can I prevent top of the foot pain when running?

Due to your excess running, you could be causing yourself top of the foot pain. Of course, there are other reasons that could be a contributing factor such as improper footwear. To stop the pain from forming, it is recommended that you should exercise your feet muscles.

What are the symptoms of L5 nerve root effacement?

bad pain in big toe and top of foot cant put foot flat on the floor,no feeling in big toe so very hard to walk,toe and foot is numb and has a tingle feeling. 16 weeks rest.

What nerve structure is on top of the anterior longus colli muscle?

vagus nerve

Why is a dorsalis pedis pulse checked?

on the top of the foot.

Nerve that helps feel a toothache?

On the top (maxilla) it is the superior alveolar nerve. On the bottom (mandible) it is the inferior alveolar nerve.