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  • hearing loss
  • stress
  • high blood pressure
  • anxiety
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Q: What is caused by too much shouting?
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Is a sore throat a sign?

It is a sign you have an infection or have been shouting too much

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How do you suppose that shouting too much will cause laryngitis?

By shouting, you are over using the connective tissues in the larynx and causing a tiny amount of bleeding. The body responds to this as it does to any other tissue damage and swells up. That is really what causes the hoarse sounds.

Is it okay to go out in the sun when you have strep throat?

No, because we refray from going out from the sun. -actually Yes, because too much sun or sweating my cause some skin ailments. -physically Both, because strep throat is caused by too much shouting and talking, it might be common to soar throat but strep throat hurts more than soar throat. -mentally and socially and technically

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