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Cannabis is Made with a greenish-gray mixture of dried Cannabis sativa flowers. When Cannabis is sold or eaten for medical purposes, it can also be used to make tea. Cannabis LMS gives you training on how to use Cannabis for Dispensaries.

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THC is made of 21 carbon atoms, 30 hydrogen atoms, and 2 oxygen atoms, bound together is a specific arrangement.

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Cannabis drugs are made of leaves from the cannabis plant or from resin(sap) of the cannabis plant

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Q: What is cannabis drugs made of?
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What is a cannabis drugs?

Any drug made from the hemp plant, (genus cannabis). Sage.

What is the definition of look alike drugs?

look alike drugs are drugs that are simular to the cannabis plant marijuana

What is The dried leaves and tops of the cannabis plant?


Would you fail a drugs test if you smoke cannabis?


Is cannabis more harmful than class a drugs?

No definitely not.

Are cigaretes safer than illegal drugs?

it depends on what drugs you are referring to. but no, cigarettes are not safer than cannabis.

Why is cannabis illegal and taboco legal?

End the War on Drugs Now.

What are the two types of cannabis derivative drugs?

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Does the UK Green Party approve of cannabis?

The Green Party Drugs Group has proposed decriminalisation of cannabis in the United Kingdom. Please see the related links section of this answer for more information on their drugs policy.

Do drugs cause any diseases?

Cannabis can cause schizophrenia, but no infectious diseases

Can drugs trigger phobias?

Yes this is quite a common feature of many drugs particularly cannabis, LSD and crystal meth.

Is cannabis found in prescription drugs?

In a simple answer,no.But they are working on some drugs for multiple sclerosis etc that contain THC.