What is calyceal stone?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is a kidney stone that is present in one of the calyxes of a kidney. The kidney has several calyxes which are just branches from the functional units of the kidney to the ureter. Calyceal stones are usually extracted using nitinol baskets inside flexible ureteroscopes which can bend to get to the location of the stone.

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Q: What is calyceal stone?
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What is calyceal lithiasis?

It is a kidney stone present in any of the calyxes of the kidney.

What is prominence of pelvic calyceal in right kidney mean?

Please advised my sons ultra sound report as follows * concrtion in the right kidney with calyceal prominence*

Mild calyceal prominence of palvicalyceal system of both kidneys means?

Mild calyceal prominence of palvicalyceal (pelvicalyceal) system of both kidneys means there is a slight increase in the storage of urine. It means the part of the kidneys where the urine collects before it leaves the kidney is enlarged.

What does mild fullness in pelvicalyceal system means?

Pelvicalyceal fullness means that the urine's path to the bladder is slowed. Dilation near the kidneys is what causes pelvicalyceal fullness.

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