What is calcirol dossage?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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one sachet once a week.

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Q: What is calcirol dossage?
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What is calcirol sachet dosage for?

Calcirol Sachet is a Vitamin D supplement.

What is calcirol?

one sachet once a week.

Is there any prblm to take calcirol sachet with water?

There is no problem in taking calcirol sachet with water. This does not cause any harm. But is is recommended to take it with milk.

Can Calcirol granules be taken as a calcium supplement?

I am a diabetic and also have hypothyrodism. The nerves in my legs get stiff often especially during sleep. Can I take Calcirol ?

What is the dosage schedule of calcirol granules calcirol a brand name of alfacalcidol molecule for an established case of vitD deficiency?

Type your answer here... calcirol sachet should be taken once in a week and should continue for four weeks max. then one can take it the next year.

What is the best time to take calcirol granules?

in the morning before beakfast

Does calcirol sachet contains calcium or only vit d?

vit D and calcium

Can calcirol be taken with water?

No. only with half a cup of milk.. it is dissolved only in milk.

How should calcirol sachets be consumed?

Empty stomach with milk...then walk for half an hour

Is the drug calcirol safe for 14year old child?

You have to get the Child's Vitamin D3 level tested. If the level is insufficient or on the lower side then it is perfectly safe for the child to have Calcirol. The normal dosage is a Total of 10 sachets spread once weekly for 10 weeks.

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