What is blashing?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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What's the meaning of "I am Blashing"

ANSWER: Buying Low And Selling High . . see their website,, for more details.

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Q: What is blashing?
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Well if you are a guy then a girl will not be her self around you. So what you need to look for is... Blashing, laghing or giggling,and if she keeps looking at you and want stop then that's another way,one more thing I can think of is that if she keeps talking to you or pulling pranks or if she kepps asking alot of persnol ?. All thos ways will help you tell if a girl likes you,I mean I should Know because I am a girl. Now if you are a girl your self then look for him makeing fun of you, asking you dumb ?, and if he keeps looking at you them that's another way to tell if likes you. Well I don't know to much that just what I know form befor. Oh ya and also if acts too much like a boy around then that another way you he likes you. Well I hope that answers you ?.Bye