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A penguin in a revolving door!

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Q: What is black and white and goes round and round?
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Why are black holes round?

Black holes are round because they are formed from dead stars and white holes. As you can guess a star is a sphere and that is why black holes are round.

What goes black white black white?

a penguin rolling down a hill

Will yellow goes with white and black?

One of the best things about white and black is that any color can be used to accent them. Yellow goes great with black and white as an accent color.

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It depends on your style of colours but white goes best with black because the black will bring out the white very well.

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The King always starts on an opposite colored square. Black king is on a white square. White king is on a black square. How do you remember this for future games? Just remember that the Queen starts on her own color. Why? Because wives always get their own way.

What goes black and white and black and white and red?

A nun eating a razor blade.

What is brown and round and goes up?

A big black penis

What goes black white black white black white?

A penguin rolling down a hill or a checkerboard. There are tons of answers to the question.

Which color is hotter black or white?

Black, It goes With everything.

What is black and white and spins round and round?

hehe maybe a cow in a tornado? :P

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once it goes black it never goes back

When was black and white in fashion?

I believe that black and white is a classic combination that never goes out of style.