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It really depends on the person, but the most correct way is the breath in through your nose and exhale out of your mouth. Try to keep steady breathing.

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Q: What is better while running keeping your mouth open or breathing through your nose?
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Why is breathing through your mouth while running better than through your nose?

Actually breathing in with your nose and out with your mouth is best while running, the nose acts as a natural filter for the air you breath in.

Is breathing through your mouth or your nose better while running?

It is best to breathe in your nose and out your mouth, because the nose acts as a natural filter for the air.

How does running improve your health?

It expands your lungs for better breathing and helps you lose weight when you sweat.

How does mechanic make the world a better place?

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What is better for losing fat running or jogging?

Burning calories and using up fat is all about getting your heart rate up a bit, and keeping it up. So most people would burn more calories through jogging than through running, as jogging would allow them to keep at it for longer.

How do ghost running shoes help enhance in running and athletic events?

Those shoes offer better fitting to your feet giving more comfort and advanced shock absorption to decrease fatigue. The material allows better airflow throughout keeping your feet dry and aired out.

Why is it healthier to breath through the nose than through the tongue?

You can't breathe through the tongue. Maybe you're thinking about breathing through the mouth. Breathing through the nose is a tad better, primarily because the nose and the nasal cavity works as a filter, trapping dust, adjusting the moisture and the temperature of the incoming air before it reaches the lungs. Recently it has also been discovered that breathing through the nose releases a chemical(something with nitrogen) that improves your uptake of oxygen.

Why is it better to breathe in though your nose instead of breathing in through your mouth?

Breathing though your nose - allows the hairs in your nostrils to trap any dust particles. It also helps to warm the air as it travels to the lungs.

Is walking better for you than running?

Yes walking is better for you than running

Why is it better breathing through nostrils than the mouth?

it doesn't really matter, because both trap dirty and dust. the only difference is that you normally don't breath louder through your mouth.

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