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The simple example is Alcohol.

Short term use cause psychological changes and chronic usage will cause physical damage like cirrhosis of liver.

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Drug. :)

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Q: What is any substance that causes changes in a person's physical or psychological state?
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What is mental and physical health?

Physical health is a persons physiological condition, relative to 'healthy' individuals of similar age, gender, etc...; this includes all organs including your brain. While a persons mental health deals with one's psychological function and condition relative to those psychologically 'healthy'. One who is physically healthy is not always mentally healthy, and visa versa; although there usually is a positive correlation between a person's physical and psychological well being.

How can relaxation affect a persons body during puberty?

A person goes through a lot of changes, both physical and behavioural. relaxation helps the person being calm and reduces the behavioural changes.

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Its changes the colour.. of the persons hair...

What do you understand abuse?

Abuse refers to any situation where a persons human or legal rights are denied, restricted, refused, or curtailed. It can take many forms for example financial, sexual, psychological, physical or self-abuse.

What does the LSOTP mean after a psychological degreed persons name?

Licensed sex offender treatment provider.

When a older person's needs and rights are not being met according to'freedom of choice'?

The rights of aged persons can be broken down into three main categories: protection, participation and image. Protection refers to securing the physical, psychological and emotional safety of elderly persons with regard to their unique vulnerability to abuse and ill treatment

How does substance abuse effect a persons honesty?

they will do or say anything they can to get what they need

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Physical heritage refers to the qualities of a persons physical appearance (what they look like) which were inherited from their blood relatives.

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Because peoples appearances changes as their body changes.

The loudness of a persons voice depends on?

Loudness is the quality of a sound that is the primary psychological correlate of physical strength or amplitude. Loudness is also affected by parameters other than sound pressure, including frequency and duration.

How can alcohol harm a persons physical growth?

No, not if consumed in moderation.