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Look in a thesaurus and check synonyms

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Q: What is another way to say that a person is loving or caring?
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How do you say my family is loving and caring?

Exactly the way you have said it: My family is loving and caring.

What is another way to say that a person is caring?

Yes you could say the are compassionate, considerate, generous, helpful, kindhearted.

What kind of personality does Mallory's have?

loving caring cant say no always there for you is beautiful

How do you say Iam a very nice passionate caring and loving person in spanish?

Soy un persona muy simpatico, apasionante, cariñoso, y afectuoso

How do you say my family is very caring and loving of me in spanish?

mi familia es muy cariñoso

When writing a thank you letter?

When writing a thank you letter? For me, I write a thank you letter to the person who gave a gift or greeting me, caring me, loving me. I say thank you to pay the attention they are given to me.

How do you say a caring person in Hindu?

एक व्यक्ति की देखभाल

How do you say loving in Swahili?

Kupenda, infinitive (to love) or present particle (loving). It can be used as the subject of a sentence: kupenda ni kuishi: loving is living or to love is to live. But to describe a person or act as loving you use the abstract noun for love, upendo: mtu mwenye upendo (a lovng person), Huyu ana upendo (this person is loving), kitendo cha upendo (a loving act).

Which word describes a person who cares about what happens to someone?

I'd say nice or respectful and caring

How do you say caring in Swahili?

Unajali (to one person), mnajali (to more than one).

What is another way to say you're kind?

A kind person is; someone who loves themself . Because u have to love yourself to love others around you.which makes you a kind person because you know in your heart, "If this person DOESNT LIKE ME?THEN THATS PERFECTLY FINE BECAUSE I KNOW IN MY HEART I LOVE MYSELF AND JESUS LOVES ME TOO"

Why do the nice caring loving guys always say there are better guys then you out there or you deserve better?

It is a nice way of saying they are not interested. I'm sorry but that's the truth. Find the better guy.