What is an individual?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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a person who is different... e.g red hair and blonde hair they are different! people who are brave, and outsanding to other people... have their own style... they aren't in a heard were they follow one and other! they stand out, and are leaders! so be an individual to day!!! (if you aren't already!)

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Q: What is an individual?
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What are individual wants?

desires by an individual are individual wants.

What is a sentence with the word individual?

The childrens' questions required individual answers. He is one sharp individual.

What is individual vs individual conflict?

An individual vs. individual is when one characters has a confrontation with another character.

What is a individual change?

An individual change refers to a change that occurs at the level of a single person. It can involve changes in behavior, attitude, skills, or mindset, and may be initiated voluntarily or as a response to external factors. Individual changes can contribute to broader organizational or societal transformations.

What is individual changes?

individual change is the changes that happen to you. individual change have many meanings it can be individual change on your body or an environment.

What is an individual want?

desires by an individual.

How do you abbreviate the word individual?


Difference between Individual and interpersonal behavior in organization?

Individual behavior is how an individual acts when they are working. Interpersonal behavior is how an individual acts with others.

What is the definition of Individual tour?

tour by an individual

Is a heterozygous individual a carrier?

What is a heterzygous individual?

When do you get a lobotmy?

Has no benefit to the individual Has no benefit to the individual

Who can excommunicate an individual?

Excommunication is a formal removal of an individual from the church membership and informal separation from that individual