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The separation of the Purchasing Department and Accounting Department personnel would be a preventative control measure.

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Q: What is an example of preventive control?
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What is an example preventive care?


Why are preventive measures and biological control methods be preferred for crop protection?

If we don't implement preventive measures and bio-control methods pests and fungi may attack the crop.

Which functional area of Army preventive medicine includes combat and operational stress control?

Field preventive medicine services

How can impulse control disorders be prevented?

There are no known preventive treatments or measures for impulse control disorders.

What is an example of preventive patrol?

A British bobby on the beat.

What are preventive methods dengue fever?

Control mosquitoes and have screens on windows and door.

What are the six mandatory procedures of ISO 90012000?

Control of Documents Control of Records Internal Audit Control of non-conformance Corrective Action Preventive Action

What has the author O Tomori written?

O. Tomori has written: 'Politics and disease control in Nigeria' -- subject(s): Diseases, Medicine, Preventive, Political corruption, Preventive Medicine, Public health

What has the author Kenneth Fuller Maxcy written?

Kenneth Fuller Maxcy has written: 'Preventive medicine and hygiene' -- subject(s): Hygiene, Preventive Medicine, Public health, Preventive medicine 'A study in the control of typhoid fever in rural areas' -- subject(s): Accessible book

What do YOU say regardless or irregardless and preventive or preventative?


How can you control natural calmities?

Natural calamities can be controlled by building preventive structures such as dykes to control floods. They can also be controlled by teaching people ways to protect themselves in case of a calamity.

What is passive preventive maintenance?

Passive preventive maintenance is done in the area of prevention around thecomputer. for example: the table determined the net before doingmaintenance on, the temperature and humidity make sure not too hot orhumid, the computer is not too near the window causes the dust on the computer. is an example to do the maintenance of passive