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calling someone a liar or something really mean

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Q: What is an example of name calling?
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What is an example of a name-calling ad?

one of those obama name calling ads

Is whiners example of name calling?


What is a sentence that uses name calling?

Name calling the term used when a person calls someone or something else names. An example sentence is: The name calling between the two, was very sad.

What type of propaganda is brand x sells inferior and outdated products?

This is an example of name-calling propaganda.

How do you know if a ghost is haunting you?

for example, if you hear a voice calling your name alot of times it means its hanting you

When was Calling Your Name created?

Calling Your Name was created in 1983.

What is name calling propaganda?

As a propaganda method, name-calling could include referring to a labor union supporter as anti-business. One could also use the unfamiliarity of someone with a certain topic to brand them as ignorant or lacking knowledge.

Why you use name?

If you mean why we have names .. then this is the answer. You need a name to know who you are, for example if you broke into a house. People are going to have to know your identity!! And how do you think in classes, the teacher would be calling on someone how would you know if she/he was calling on you or a 2 year old?

When was Life Is Calling My Name created?

Life Is Calling My Name was created in 306.

What is another name for the word calling?

Contacting is another name for the word calling.

Brand X sells inferior and out-dated products?

This is a form of market name-calling Propaganda.

What is name for name calling?