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Coat color and pattern is a polygenic trait, meaning it is controlled by more than one gene or gene complex. A dog with the gene for black color expression may also have the gene for suppression of black and so have a red or yellow coat. Or a dog with the brindle gene may have one or more of the genes for large areas of white and so have little or no brindle coloring visible. A dog with the dominant black gene may have genes for color fading and appear gray or merle.Rate This Answer

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Q: What is an example of a non polygenetic trait?
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Is skin an example of a polygenetic trait in humans?

Skin color.

What is is a polygenetic trait?

A collection of paired genes is responsible for a polygenetic trait. Height, skin colour etc. are examples.

What is polygeny?

Inheritance in which more than one gene pair affects the appearance of a particular trait. Polygenetic inheritance refers to the non-Mendelian form of inheritance in which a particular trait is produced by the interaction of many genes.

What is a non-example of trait?


What is a non example of a trait?


What are some non example of characteristics?

This is an odd question. ANYTHING that isn't a trait would NOT be a characteristic. So ... a table, or time.

How many alleles does a zygote have for each trait?

No - some traits are polygenetic (such as for skin color, eye color, hair color, etc.) and will have multiple alleles.

Tell you about polygenic inheritance under genetics?

Multiple alleles are the presence of more than two alleles for a trait within a gene pool, while polygenetic traits are controlled by multiple genes.

Which is a non medelian trait?

a trait controlled by many genes

Is frizzle trait in chickens an example of pleiotropy?

Yes, the frizzle trait in chickens is an example of Pleiotropy.

What are non-mendelian trait?

Non-Mendelian traits are:A trait with no clearly dominant alleleA trait with four allelesA trait controlled by many genes

What does it mean if a trait or allele is resevive?

It is the non dominant trait. You would have to have 2 recessive to have that trait but you only need one dominanr=t to have that trait