What is an epipen?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An EpiPen is a medication called epinephrine in a small pen like cylinder. When pressed against your body (usually your leg) a small needle shoots out and injects the medicine.

This device is used for people with severe Allergies, & keeps them from going into Anaphylactic shock (the type that makes you stop breathing).

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An epinephrine auto injector is a device used to administer a dose of drugs contained within it to a patient. It is most commonly used to treat allergic reactions. it is composed of a spring loaded needle and a medication capsule. When activated, it will administer a dose of epinephrine intramuscularly to the patient.

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Q: What is an epipen?
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How should one go about using an EpiPen?

Call 911. Do not touch the black tip on the small end of the EpiPen. Do not take off the grey activation cap until you are ready to actually use the EpiPen. Hold the EpiPen in fist with black tip pointing down. Hold the black tip near the outer thigh of person in need of EpiPen. Firmly swing and jab into the outer thigh. Hold the EpiPen for 10 seconds. Remove the EpiPen and massage the injection area.

How do you treat nut allergy?

i actually have a servere peanut allergy i use a epipen if very mild i use benadryl i never even had to use a epipen (epipen is a needle) scared to death to use it

Is An EpiPen A Needle?


Where was the epipen invented?


Do you need a different EpiPen for different allergies?

No,You do not.

Who made the first EpiPen?

Sheldon Kaplan

Can another person use your EpiPen?

No one is supposed to share their prescribed medications with another person for any reason due to the possibility of serious problems and interactions with other medications a person might be taking. If a person carries and EpiPen and they go into anaphylactic shock and is unable to use the EpiPen, someone with them must act quickly and use the EpiPen to deliver the life saving medication in the pen.

What year was the EpiPen created?

June 28, 1977

Can your employer require you to carry an epipen if you have allergies?


What is the first step to take if someone is having a severe allergic reaction?

If a person if having a sever allergic reaction (such as a bee sting) they would most likely be carrying an EpiPen. An EpiPen contains epinephrine and opens the airway. If they do have an EpiPen, remember its Blue To The Sky, Orange To The Thigh. Take the blue tip off and push and hold the EpiPen into the victims thigh and hold for 10 seconds. It is also important to call 911 as an EpiPen is only a temporary fix.

Who can administer an EpiPen?

Only Diabetes docters are allowed do give out eppiepens

Is epipen autoinjector available in India?

As far as i know , they are not available in India yet.