What is an endurance athlete?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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if you have asked this question it is something you will never ever be

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Q: What is an endurance athlete?
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What is the optimal carbohydrate concentration of sports drink for the endurance athlete?


What are the similarities and differences between the dietary plan of an aerobic endurance athlete and an anaerobic power athlete?

== == stronger Samosa and lots of bread

What nutrients would a endurance athlete need?

vitamin C is must needed.........

How old is the athlete with an endurance target zone of 120 - 160 bpm?

you would have to be 15 years old.

Are athletes the same as other people?

They tend to have more fast-twitch or slow-twitch fibers, depending on what kind of athlete they are.

Why are there more mitochondria found in the muscles of the endurance athlete?

Endurance athletes have more mitochondria in their muscles because mitochondria are the site of aerobic respiration, which is essential for producing energy during endurance activities. The increased number of mitochondria allows for more efficient energy production, helping endurance athletes sustain their performance for longer durations.

Is forty four beats per minute a normal heart rate for a sixty four year old male?

No. Not unless you are a world class endurance athlete.

What does cardiovascular endurance mean to sports people?

being an athlete, to me cardio vascular endurance is your capability to maintain an elevated heart rate in a cardio exercise. one man may be much faster than i am, but he also may only be able to run faster for 200 yards more, before he tires and i then pass him because i have more cardio endurance.

What was Sebastian Coe's lung capacity?

i believe his VO2 Maximum is probably in the range of 85- 90.I think that measurement is the real accurate test and measure of an endurance athlete.

How can you be a athlete?

if you wanted to become an athlete,you have to be the person possessing the natural or acquired traits such as; strength , agility and endurance that are necessary for physical excercise or sports specially those performed in competitive contexts.. -Garem Dela Pena Of I-camella Davao City National High School ..

Are strength training recommended for people who wants to become better athlete and what else should I know about them?

Anything that has to do with strength/endurance training should better benefit you as an athlete. I recommend the Strength Training System Strength Shoe for Men, and the Vibram Five Fingers KSO for Women.

What is the difference in diets from a power athlete to an endurance athlete?

I used to run cross country and my coach's would tell me to load up on carbohydrates. Since endurance athletes will be moving for a long time without rest, they need the carbs which will turn to sugar slowly to basically feed their muscles. For a power athlete, I'd say they'd eat a lot of protein to help build their muscles. When you build muscle for power, you're actually tearing the muscle tissue and the protein rich diet will basically help fill in those tears and make the muscles bigger.