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a fake relationship

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Q: What is an artificial relationship?
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Is there any relationship between implants and artificial intelligence?


Which artificial sweetener was almost banned because of a proposed relationship with cancer in experimental animals?

Saccharin was the artificial sweetener that was almost banned because of a proposed relationship with cancer in experimental animals.

What is the Elizabethan meaning of artificial?

The word "artificial" used to describe, and still describes today something that is forced, affected, or feigned. A relationship, for example, could be artificial if the two people are showing more feelings than they have for each other. Nowadays, "artificial" is used mainly to mean a man-made or fake item.

What is Semantic Network in Artificial Intelligence?

If we take numerous concepts and relate them to each other on the basis of some meaningful relationship within a network.The network thus formed is the Semantic Network in Artificial Intelligence.

Do Anglicans believe in birth control?

Yes they do, artificial and natral types but the artificial (condoms etc..) can be used until both people in th long term loving relationship are ready, it is a stable environment and children can be well brought up.

I have a fake knee do I need antibiotics before having a tooth pulled?

Umm, no. There would be no relationship between an artificial joint and the removal of a tooth.

What is an artificial anus?

An artificial anus is an artificial opening of the intestine.

Can rainbow be artificial?

No it is not artificial

What is a artificial?

Artificial means that it does not occur naturally. If something is artificial it is manmade.

Is ADR an Artificial Currency?

no,adr is not artificial currency and sdr is the artificial currency.

What is an artificial florist?

An artificial florist is a person who makes or sells artificial flowers.

What are the artificial contraceptives?

what are artificial contraceptives?