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Q: What is an arthropod's tough outer covering called?
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What is an arthropods tough outer layer called?


What is euglenas outer covering?

The tough outer covering of Euglena, and Paramecium is called the Pellicle

What is the tough outer covering of the woody plant?

This is called bark.

What is an arthropod's body covering?

The external covering on arthropods is called the exoskeleton (or cuticle). It is made of a tough protein called chitin, a long chain polymer comparable to cellulose. Because it's inflexible, arthropods need to shed it (moult) in order to grow.

What is the thick and tough and white outer covering of the eyeball called?


What is a tough outer covering of a mollusk called?

It is a shell, as in a cockle shell or oyster shell.

What is the tough outer covering of bone?


Arthropods have a hard outer skeleton and?

Yes. Arthropods are characterized by an exoskeleton made mostly from the tough protein chitin, also joint appendages and segmented bodies.

What is the tough outer covering of a cell membrane?

Cell Wall

Name the tough flexible material that composes the skeleton of insects?

The exoskeleton is the hard outer shell of arthropods.

What is the tough external conering of an arthropod called?

The external covering of an arthropod is referred to as an exoskeleton. In some arthropods (water varieties) the exoskeleton is composed mostly of calcium carbonate. In land varieties of arthropods, such as insects, their exoskeletons are made of a material know as chitin.

What is tiny structure that contains bacterial DNA encased by a tough outer covering?