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Q: What is an allied health professional who responds to emergency calls in the community?
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Is the design of the medical office usually up to the allied health professional?


Is a clinical psychologist considered an allied health professional?

Allied health professions are clinical healthcare professions distinct from the medical and nursing. As the name implies, they are allies in a healthcare team, working together to make the healthcare system function. So, yes, a clinical psychologist is considered an allied health professional from the viewpoint of medical professionals. More generally, a clinical psychologist is also considered an independent mental health professional.

What has the author Alyson Honeycutt written?

Alyson Honeycutt has written: 'Understanding human behavior' -- subject(s): Behavior, Allied Health Personnel, Allied health personnel, Professional-Patient Relations, Allied health personnel and patient, Psychology

Who is the allied health care professional who works with pathologists to evaluate cellular material from all over the body?

A cytotechnologist

Is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine a physician or allied health professional?

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) are fully-trained physicians.

The American Society of Clinical Pathology is the professional organization that oversees credentialing and education in what allied health area?

Medical laboratory professions

When moving through the hallways the medical assistant should walk where?

When moving through hallways, the allied health professional should walk:

Can one professional man find a job on Walgreens?

You could work in Allied Health, Corporate, Distribution, In-Store, or the Pharmacy. As long as you gain knowledge of your chosen job, a professional man in construction can find a job on Walgreens.

What has the author Josephine Banda written?

Josephine Banda has written: 'A descriptive study on factors contributing to high drop out rate of community health workers in Lufwanyama District' -- subject(s): Community health services, Allied health personnel

Which Principles of Behavior articulates If held in captivity you should communicate and organize with the community of fellow US Government and allied captives and avoid actions that may harm them?

Principle II

Is cephalonia is in allied or dependent states?


What is the Definition of allied concern?

allied firms