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An abrasive personalty means the person is aggressive.

I hope you are not talking about our boyfriend/girlfriend. If you are, break up with them forcefully and sincerely and tell someone that you trust so they know if the abrasive person gets angry and tries to hurt you. You deserve someone better.

If you are talking about a friend of acquaintance than i have a few more tips. If they physically lash out I think you should either stop spending time with them or, if that is not an option, you should forcefully say STOP in a loud voice so surrounding people can hear. I know this sounds silly but it actually works because it will shock them into stopping.

If they are just playing around and do not realize they are hurting you then you could always tell them or you could do the same thing back to show them hos it feels. This is what I did to an abrasive friend and they stopped doing it and we are still close friends.

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No, it is a sign deeper problems. If situational maybe just a defence mechinism

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Q: What is an abrasive personality and how do you deal with one?
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An abrasive personality just means one has a tendancy to be annoying to someone resulting or causing a hostile feeling to whoever it is that one is annoying or causing enmity towards. According to the dictionary, this is also labelled as "overly aggressive".

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Yours or the other guy's?

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I avoid it. Some people are just born abrasive. They like the attention they get when they intentionally offend or hurt people. I refuse to play their game or enaable them by being around such people.

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