What is an Ecstasy high like?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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im high off my ass right now so i might not make sense but i took e the other day.its hard to explain the high of any drug in words. but it feels like a burst of energy and your senses are really enhanced you feel incredibly comfortable with people and your always talking and if music is on u cant help but to dance you find yourself really good at gettin laid and sometime you expeirence life changing thoughts due to deeep deeeep thinking it really helps you find yourself and your very stimulated and wanna touch everyone and everything. profound wisdom, confidence, love, freindship, sex(if you manage to get hard), and deep thoughts. Dont plann on sleeping. Smoke a blunt too. E HELPS YOU FIND YOURSELF.

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Q: What is an Ecstasy high like?
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How can Ecstasy be enhanced?

Ecstasy is a hallucinogen, and so is marijuana, so, smoking weed while on Ecstasy will enhance the high. Alcohol should be avoided, as it will kill the Ecstasy high.

Can you get a secondhand ecstasy high for example if someone who was on E kissed you could you get high?

no not possible. ecstasy goes into your system.. like taking an Advil or something. it disolves in your stomach and releases into your blood. it cannot be transfered through saliva

What impact does ecstasy have on society?

it gets you high

Do people put ecstasy up there butt?

Yes, it is supposedly the best way to get high off of ecstasy.

What are other drugs related to Ecstasy?

there are no known drugs that are somewhat like Ecstasy!

How do you know ecstasy is working?

you start feeling high

What does rollin mean in slang?

to be high on "X". or Ecstasy

Can you get high if someone that is on ecstasy touches you?

No. only if you take it.

What are the release dates for Drugged - 2011 High on Ecstasy 1-3?

Drugged - 2011 High on Ecstasy 1-3 was released on: USA: 17 January 2011

What are some types of hallucinogenic drugs?

extisy the 2nd plateau of a robitussin high mushrooms stuff like that

What are the abuses of ecstasy?

The abuses of ecstasy are un-prescibed related like at drug oarties and clubs.

Does methadrone do the same as cocaine?

The high is very similar to cocaine + ecstasy.