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Q: What is alive without breath as cold as death nevery thirsty ever drinking all in mail never clinking?
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What is alive without breath?

The answer is a fish.Your riddle is not complete. The full riddle is:Alive without breath,As cold as death;Never thirsty, ever drinking,All in mail clinking

A live without breath never thirsty alway drinking?

a zombie? i dont know what is it?

Can you blow a 0.01 on a breath alcohol test without drinking alcohol?

Yes. There are many sources of error in alcohol breath testing machines.

Why do you feel thirsty after drinking alcohol all night?

You should have your blood sugar checked. See a physician.

How can you get rid of hiccups without being scared or drinking water with out breaths because they don't work?

You can get rid of hiccups without being scared, drinking a glass of water, or holding your breath by swallowing lemon juice or by simply making yourself to burp.

How do goldfish breath underwater?

by drinking the water

Can birds hold their breath?

Birds hold their breath when they are drinking or diving to catch fish.

Why would a person drink mouthwash?

to get super clean breath or they started laughing while gargling or they were reallly thirsty

At what number of drinks should one stop drinking alcohol to prevent noticeable alcoholic breath?

A person that has not been drinking can detect alcohol in your breath from even one drink.

Will you get bad breath if you stop drinking Pepsi?

It depends on what is causing your bad breath. If you do not brush and floss your teeth regularly and start drinking less of any kind of drink, it could lead to bad breath. However, there are many different causes for bad breath, so visit your dentist to find out for sure.

What does a breathalyser do to stop people from drinking and driving?

It doesnt. The police use it if they suspect someone drinking and driving and get the suspect to breath into it to tell them if the have been drinking.

Will all living things die faster without air than water?

ok dude try holding your breath and see if you will die first or not drinking water will make you die first