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Salpingitis is more common in infertile women, the reason of salpingitis is caused by infection of pathogen.Pathogen is mainly caused by staphylococcus, streptococcus, escherichia coli, gonococcus, bacillus proteus, pneumococci and chlamydia.

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Q: What is aerodynamic blockage and mechanical blockage?
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What are the two types of thrust reverser?

The two types of thrust reverser are the target-style thrust reverser and the clamshell-style thrust reverser. The target-style thrust reverser redirects the jet exhaust forward using a metal plate or "bucket." The clamshell-style thrust reverser consists of two doors that open outwards to redirect the jet exhaust.

What is the aerodynamic simulation?

Aerodynamic simulation

Are kayaks aerodynamic?

Kayaks are hydrodynamic not aerodynamic. Aerodynamic means 'of the air'. People don't fly on kayaks.

What is aerodynamic?

Aerodynamics is the study of the way in wich objects move through the air. If something such as a car has an aerodynamic shape or design, it goes faster and uses less fuel than other cars because the air passes over it more easily. The form of a aerodynamic is used as a modifier.

What is a sentence for aerodynamic?

"The spy plane was very aerodynamic." :-)

What is an intestinal obstruction?

Intestinal obstruction refers to the partial or complete mechanical or nonmechanical blockage of the small or large intestine.

How can you use the word aerodynamic in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.The new plane is more aerodynamic than the old one.That car is designed to be aerodynamic to conserve gas.Birds are aerodynamic.

Do Frisbee have aerodynamic?

yes it is smooth and small and round. it is aerodynamic

How is a fighter jet aerodynamic?

The shape of the aircraft makes it aerodynamic.

Is a biplane aerodynamic?

Yes, a biplane is very aerodynamic,with lots of 'lift'

What does it mean to say you can be aerodynamic?

aerodynamic |ˌe(ə)rōdīˈnamik|adjectiveof or relating to aerodynamics : aerodynamic forces.• of or having a shape that reduces the drag from air moving past : the plane has a more aerodynamic shape.

Is aluminum aerodynamic?

Aluminum can be shaped to be aerodynamic, yes. Aerodynamics is about shape, not substance.