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The adnexa is theFallopiantubes and ovaries. They sit right behind the bladder.

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Q: What is adnexa in the left aspect of the bladder?
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What does an adnexa in ovary looks like?

An ovary is part of the adnexa. The ovary doesn't have an adnexa. The adnexa are the ovary and tube.

What is the right adnexa?

The adnexa is a general term that refers to the appendages or adjacent structures of an organ. In the medical field, the term "right adnexa" typically refers to the structures surrounding the right ovary, including the fallopian tube, ligaments, and connective tissues. These structures are important for reproductive health in women.

Is adnexa a collective noun?

Yes, adnexa is a collective noun. Adnexa is a word for conjoined, subordinate, or associated anatomic parts, generally referring to the group of female reproductive organs.

Can you become pregnant having adnexa?

Adnexa means the ovaries and tubes. Can't easily get pregnant without them!

What side is your bladder?

the left

What is the singular form of adnexa?


What is the medical term meaning accessory organs?

Adnexa is the medical term meaning accessory organs.

What is the medical term meaning appendages or accessory structures of the organ?

The medical term for appendages or accessory structures of an organ is "adnexa".

What is the plural form of adnexus?

From the Latin, the plural of adnexum is adnexa. Adnexa is frequently used in medical documentation in reference to associated supporting structures for bilateral organs such as ovary and the eye.

Which of the following nouns always takes a plural verb viscus or bruit or cul-de-sac or adnexa?

Adnexa, as a collective noun, always takes a plural verb.

What deos the liver do in the digestive system?

it does help the gallbladder and all the bladder left it take it to the gall bladder first

What does adenexa mean?

In anatomy, adnexa refers to the appendages of an organ. The term adnexa stems from a Latin word meaning appendages.More specifically, it can refer to:Adnexa of eyeAdnexa of uterusAdnexa of skinFor instance, the adnexa of uterus (or uterine appendages) refers to the structures most closely related structurally and functionally to the uterus such as the ligaments, fallopian tubes and ovaries.