What is active neglect?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Purposely causing physical, mental, or emotional painor injury to someone.

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Q: What is active neglect?
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What is passive physical abuse?

-Passive neglect- Passive neglect is the non-willful failure to fulfill care-taking responsibilities because of inadequate caregiver knowledge, infirmity, or disputing the value of prescribed services as oppsed to -Active neglect- Active neglect is the willful failure by a caregiver to fulfill care-taking functions and responsibilities. This includes, but is not limited to, abandonment, deprivation of food, water, heat, cleanliness, eyeglasses, dentures, or health-related services

What is a good sentence for neglect?

How long will you neglect me? Neglect will ruin a relationship. Simple neglect killed the roses.

What part of speech is the word neglect?

Neglect is a noun and a verb. Noun: The parents were accused of neglect. Verb: Don't neglect your children.

What is the synonym for neglect?

ignore, abuse, forget (it all depends on neglect a child, or neglect to do something)

What is a sentence using the word neglect?

It is wrong to neglect your child.

What was the british policy refusing british laws in America colonies?

Salutary neglect

What are examples of neglect?

One example of neglect is when you are not taking care of someone such as your children or parents. You can also neglect your job, by not doing a good job.

What is the the two antonyms of these four words thwart accommodate retire slither?

Antonyms: Thwart- help, assist Accommodate- neglect, avoid Retire- move forward, active Slither- run, jump

What is the noun of neglect?

The word neglect is a verb and it is also a noun. You determine this from context.

Who are potential perpetrators of neglect?

One possible answer are some parents who neglect their children.

When was A Night of Neglect created?

A Night of Neglect was created on 2011-04-19.

How can you use the word neglect in sentences?

The old house was run down and suffering from neglect.