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Q: What is a way that wheat bread and a lump of sugar is alike?
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Two ways piece of whole-wheat bread and a lump of sugar?

The correct answer for this question is that both whole-wheat bread and a lump of sugar are both made out of carbohydrates. Further more a whole-wheat bread and a lump of sugar both have sugar inside them!

How is a whole wheat bread and a lump of sugar different in two ways?

These are both made mostly of carbohydrates.

Why does ground sugar dissolve quicker than a lump of sugar?

A lump of sugar is a group like this= O . or more =) and the ground sugar was already broken down that is why.=)

How much is a lump of sugar?

a lot

What useful form of sugar was invented in the Czech Republic?

It is lump sugar

Do molecules of solid lump of sugar move?


Which will dissolve faster in powdered sugar crystal sugar or lump sugar in a glass of tap water?

Powdered sugar crystal

Why is it easier to dissolve icing sugar in water that it is to dissolve a sugar lump?

The icing sugar has a greater surface area than the lump and so the reaction occurs more easily with the icing sugar powder. This in general applies to many salts and soluble compounds.

If you drop a lump of sugar into a beaker of water the sugar particles will become evenly distributed throughout the water through what?

the lump of sugar will slowly dissolve and undergo osmosis, if you stir or swirl the beaker it this will happen much faster

Why is yeast put in bread?

The answer is that the yeast makes the bread rise making it alot more tastier than a hard lump of rock

Why do diabetics need to eat a lump of sugar?

Well, diabetics do not literally eat a 'lump of sugar', but they do eat glucose tablets, which is basically all sugar (but in an edible form). If their blood sugar level is low, they eat the glucose tablet (as you refer to as the 'lump of sugar'), and the sugar (glucose is the same thing as sugar, just a different name) from the glucose tablet increases the blood sugar levels in that person's body, but it does not take immediate affect. The glucose tablets will then increase the blood sugar levels, thereby stabilizing the body's condition. (Having low blood sugar can lead to fainting, so they take it to keep from fainting.) Diabetics who need to use insulin can become hypoglycemic and require more sugar to balance excess insulin.

Is granulated sugar and powdered sugar a mixture?

Granulated sugar is just sugar. Powdered sugar has corn starch in it so that it will stay as a powder and not lump.