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The uncovertebral joint is also known as the Luschka's joint. These are bone spurs that occur when the third through seventh cervical vertebrae meet.

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Uncovertebal degenerative disease is Arthritis in certain joints of the vertebrae in the neck. Asmymmetric means it's not even on the left and right sides.

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could it be cause by injuries

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Q: What is a uncovertebral joint?
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What is Uncovertebral Arthropathy of C5?

Uncovertebral arthropathy refers to degenerative changes of the uncovertebral joint. This joint is located on both sides of the disc space adjacent to the cervical spine.

What is uncovertebral joint arthropathy?

Uncovertebral joint arthropathy is a degenerative change of the uncovertebral joints. These joints are small synovial joints between the lower cervical vertebrae and the superior vertebral body.

What is moderate facet arthropathy with mild uncovertebral joint spurring resulting in bilateral foraminal narrowing?

what is moderate uncovertebral arthropathy

What is Mild uncovertebral joint degeneration?


What is uncovertebral spurring?

Uncovertebral spurring is also known as uncovertebral joint osteophytes or bone spurring. This happens when vertebral bodies from the third to the seventh part of the cervical vertebrae join together. It is caused by the vertebrae wearing down over time.

What is prominent uncovertebral spurring?

that means you have a bone spur on your vertebra somewhere -- mine are between c5 and c6 for example... prominent with or without disk bulge? need to make sure you know the answer to that...

What is mild bilateral uncovertebral spurring?

what is mild bilateral uncovertebral spurring

What is uncovertebral arthrosis?

Uncovertebral arthritis is a form of osteoarthritis. It affects the uncovertebral joints, or Luschka's joints. This condition also affects the intervertebral discs between the vertebra.

What is a uncovertebral joint osteophyte formation?

Uncovertebral joints, which are smaller joints out to the side where the vertebra normally approximate one other so they're further out laterally.This is a reasonably complex subject and has to do with the growth of osteophites (Bone that eventually starts to put pressure and cause damage the nerves) between the discs of the vertebrae. To get more authoritative and precise information on this go to the related link (uncovertebral osteophytes) below.i had a mri it said i have a demonstrates a tiny right uncovertebral osteophyte and disk complex however without any significant exiting foreaminal stenosis what do that mean

What is treatment for uncovertebral arthropqthy?

What is the treatment of facet arthrosis?

What is mild bilateral facet and uncovertebral arthropathy?

uncovertbral arthropathy at c4-5

Could a small uncovertebral hypertrophy be from a carr accident?

It's commonly found as a consequence of aging. Talk with your health care provider for advice specific to your situation.