What is a thalamic bleeding?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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That would be a broken blood vessel in the thalamus, a mass of nerve cells centrally located in the brain.

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Q: What is a thalamic bleeding?
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What is an operation on a thalamic bleed?

This involves a neurosurgical operation in which a subcortical structure of the brain known as the thalamus has a bleeding vessel needing to be cauterized or tied off.

What is a thalamic cyst?

i have a thalamic cyst that has grown from 16mm to 21mm what will b done about it

What is thalamic?

it is a beat

Are the thalamic nuclei white or gray matter?

the thalamic nuclei is made of unmyelinated axons which are gray matter

What are the ascending fibres of projection fibres?

They are fibres which radiate from thalamus and metathalamus to the cerebral cortex. They include:Anterior thalamic radiationsuperior thalamic (sensory) radiationposterior thalamic radiation, which consists of = optic + auditory radiations

What is the icd 9 code for thalamic hemorrhage?

431 is the code for intracerebral hemorrhage. That would include thalamic hemorrhage.

Which thalamic nuclei are involved in emotion?

medial dorsal and lateral

What areas does sorting and editing of impulses take place?

Thalamic nuclei

Where does sorting and editing of sensory impulses take place?

Thalamic Nuclei

What is the Thalamic Syndrome?

. Thalamic syndrome (or thalamic pain syndrome) is a condition that can be associated with inadequate blood supply from the posterior cerebral artery. It is a rare neurological disorder in which the body becomes hypersensitive to pain as a result of damage to the thalamus, a part of the brain that affects sensation. The thalamus has been described as the brain's sensory relay station. Primary symptoms are pain and loss of sensation, usually in the face, arms, and/or legs.Pain or discomfort may be felt[1] after being mildly touched or even in the absence of a stimulus. The pain associated with thalamic syndrome may be made worse by exposure to heat or cold and by emotional distress. Sometimes, this may include even such emotions as those brought on by listening to music

What is the Medical term meaning below the thalamus?

Hypothalamic means under or below the thalamus.

What are the three types of bleeding?

1. Venous bleeding (bleeding from the veins). 2. Arterial bleeding (bleeding from the arteries). 3. Capillary bleeding.