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Q: What is a surgical method of birth called?
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Surgical cutting of the ductus deferens as a form of birth control is called?


Can scorpions be given birth through scientific method?

yes, it is through a scientific method called sex

Socrates practiced a kind of questioning in pursuit of truth a philosophical method of discourse called what?

It is called maieutics - "giving birth":

What is the only effective method of birth control?

The only 100% effective means is abstinence- not to have sex. Surgical sterilization, such as removal of the uterus is also highly effective. All common means of birth control such as condoms, birth control pills, IUDs, withdrawal, rhythm method CAN fail in some percentage of cases.

What is a permanent method of birth control?

There are permanent methods of birth control for both women and men. For women sterilization can be achieved through tubal ligation a surgical procedure where fallopian tubes are sealed, or non-surgical caps which are inserted in fallopian tubes. For men sterilization can be achieved through a vasectomy, sealing the vas deferens, preventing sperm from reaching the urethra. A vasectomy can be surgical or non-surgical.Vasectomy, tubal ligation, and Essure are considered permanent methods of birth control.

What is folk method of family planning?

A folk method of family planning is sometimes called a traditional method. These are methods that were used before modern birth control and include the rhythm method, withdraw method, and abstinence.

What are a couple who practice the rhythm method of birth control called?

Many couples are using Natural Methods of Contraception including rhythm method.

Is a surgical incision into a muscle called myectomy?

no it isn't. a surgical excision into a muscle is called myotomy. Myectomy is surgical removal of a muscle.

What is ceserean birth?

Cesarean birth is the surgical removal of the infant from the womb by incision at the lower abdomen.

Are the surgical repair of an artery and a surgical repair of a breast called the same?

No, the surgical repair of an artery is called vascular surgery, while the surgical repair of a breast is called breast surgery. Each specialty focuses on different areas of the body and requires specialized training and expertise.

What is tubectomy?

A tubectomy, or tubal ligation, is a surgical sterilization method in women involving clamping and blocking, or severing and sealing the fallopian tubes. This is commonly called having the tubes tied.

Is the surgical removal of an entire breast and its nipple?

The surgical removal of the breast is called a mastectomy.