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Q: What is a substance the body can tolerate in small quantities?
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Can people tolerate alcohol?

It depends on what you mean by tolerate. Alcohol is a neurotoxin (nerve poison) that affects every cell in the body. It is good for no one in large quantities.Can people tolerate alcohol in small quantities?Most people can drink one or two drinks and suffer few if any ill effects, that will disappear in a couple of hours. If they find that they have a desire to continue drinking, they should read farther down this page.Can people tolerate it in large quantities?Some people develop a tolerance for alcohol's presence in the body, in that it requires more and more of it to reach the same levels of subjective intoxication. This is one of the earliest and surest indications of developing alcoholism. The guy who can drink all his buddies under the table is the loser, not the winner.

Do motion has a direction?

One Direction ==================== Your question is irrelevant as it describes a state of a substance. It is merely the term for a body's relative change in position with respect to its surroundings. Only physical quantities can have direction. Physical quantities being only the vector quantities.

The nutrient needed in small quantities for growth and regulating body functions is?

A (n) enzyme. :3

What substance is frozen in the human body?

The human body is about 209.5 degress celsius so any substance that has a melting point above that. Iron does so it would be a frozen substance in the human body. There are small amounts of iron in the human body.

do u know Vitamins-Protective foods?

Vitamins are a group of nutrients that our body requires in small quantities.

What will your body tolerate with no food and water?


Is Rubber good for you to eat?

Rubber contains nothing that the human body requires, so no - it is not good. In small quantities it will probably do no harm, but it shouldn't be eaten.

Does your body produce dmt?

All living things produce dmt. We (humans) produce it in small quantities during REM sleep (dreams), and is massive quantities when we are meditating, in a trance, or near death. It is perfectly safe and non-addictive.

What is an organ that makes a chemical substance that is used or released by the body is?

The LIVER makes a new substance for the body The LIVER makes a new substance for the body The LIVERmakes a new substance for the body

Is vinegar bad for drinking and how much is bad?

Small quantities of vinegar taken internally should cause no problems. Larger quantities could cause an upset stomach. Large quantities taken frequently would almost certainly lead to gastric problem and could affect body chemistry adversely.

What is the medical term meaning Foreign substance in the human body?

A foreign substance is a substance that doesn't belong somewhere. A piece of glass or splinter is a foreign substance that people get in their body.

Which substance carries glucose from the small intestine to all the other cells in the body?

A process known as diffusion. The plasma in your blood.