What is a step daughter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you marry a widow (female) or a widower (male) and that person already has a daughter, that daughter becomes your stepdaughter on marriage.

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Q: What is a step daughter?
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What is the relationship name for my daughter's stepsister to me?

Your daughter's step-sister would be your step-daughter.

What relation is my step sister's daughter to me?

Through marriage your step - sister's daughter is your step-niece!

What relation to you is the step-daughter of your husband?

Your husband's step-daughter could be your daughter.Your husband could also have a step-daughter who is the daughter of a previous wife from her prior marriage to someone else. In that case, his step-daughter is not related to you, unless you adopt her.

Was Mary Anna Randolph Custis related to George Washington?

step grand daughter step grand daughter step grand daughter

What the husband's daughter is for the wife?

If a man has a daughter from a revious marraige, that daughter is the step-daughter of the second wife, and the second wife is the step-mother of the daughter.

Is Roberta Cleveland's daughter?


Who is my step son's daughter?

my step granddaughter Unless you are legally an adoptive parent of your step-son in which case she is your grand-daughter.

What is the feminine of step-son?


If your sister married somebody who has a step brother and his step brother has a daughter would the step brother's daughter be related to your daughter or be consider a half cousin?

There is no relationship, they share no common ancestor.

Who is step daughter?

he doesnt have a step daughter but he has a adopted daughter named, Alaina that is actually his ex wife's niece.He also has a biological daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers.

What relationship your step daughter to your mother?


What relation to you is the husband of your step daughter?

your step son in law it like the same thing as a son in law except its your step daughter's husband.