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A small tablet of medicine is a pill.

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it is wrong it is a 4 letter word and it says to change 1 letter
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A PILL!!!!!

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Q: What is a small tablet of medicine called?
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What do you call a small tablet of medicine?

A pill

What do you call a small round block of medicine?

You call a small round block of medicine a TABLET. XD! 8D!

What is a four letter word for a small tablet of medicine?


What a sentence for tablet?

Here are some sentences.Take this tablet for your headache.The green tablet is my blood pressure medicine.

Who invented medicine tablet?


What is a small container of medicine called?

A pill or a vial .

What medicine is the antamen?

Antamen is an antihistamine tablet. what does it do?

How do you make a tablet medicine?

buang ka

Is a medicine tablet mm or cm?

It is mg.

What is one quarter of a tablet medicine?

That means that you divide the tablet into for pieces of equal size, and take one of them.

What is sugar coated tablet?

A sugar coated tablet has a hard sugary coating - this makes the tablet nicer to put into a mouth and swallow. Some tablets have a nasty taste. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A tablet is a powdered medicine that has been compressed into a small, solid, disk or lozenge shape. This can then be swallowed easily by someone needing treatment using that medicine. However, some medicines taste bitter and to prevent this taste upsetting the patient as they swallow the medicine, the tablets are given an outer layer of hardened (and frequently coloured) sugar to make them palatable. This is a sugar coated tablet.

Is tablet a noun?

Yes, the noun 'tablet' is a common noun, a general word for a compressed piece of medicine or other substance; a writing pad; a flat piece of stone used for inscription; a small, hand held computer.

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