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the flu

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Q: What is a sickness that sometimes lasts for a week or so?
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I have started my period over a week early but I'm normally on time?

Your OK. Periods happen like that. Sometimes you will be a week late due to stress or sickness. Have you been sick recently? If so, that can also be why you are early.

How many periods are there in a day?

no one knows how many periods are in a day but a regular period usually lasts about a week or so.

How long does a hangnail infection last?

I have had one before and it lasts about a week or so it matters how bad it is just keep cleaning it with h.peroxide

Does love at first sight lasts?

sometimes but it depends if you were really meant for that person, like my cousin married a guy that had been with her only for a week but i have a friend that looked into a guys eyes and they got together but they broke up a month later so it really depends.

Where does Rebecca Adlington train?

she trains at Nottingham pool but lives in Mansfield

Does sin cause human illness?

Definitely. As physical poisons cause ill, so does spiritual perversion. Sin affects our body and soul simultaneously. Though in certain cases the illness causes by sin might not be noticed immediately, it, however, overcomes the sinner sooner or later.

What is formal detention?

formal detention is where you get a 7 day detention so it lasts all week including weekends in this detention you get whipped 24/7

How long can you lose your voice?

You can't lose your voice unless it damages.

Is sickness a test of faith?

Sickness can be a test of faith for some people, as it challenges their beliefs and their ability to cope with the situation. It can also be an opportunity for spiritual growth and deepening one's connection to their faith and beliefs. Ultimately, how one perceives and responds to sickness in relation to their faith is a personal and individual experience.

Is it normal that you feel absolutely nothing in 12th week of pregnancy with no morning sickness?

There could be a couple of reasons for this: # Some women are fortunate enough to not experience much morning sickness, if any at all. # Week 12 is the last week of your first trimester. Most pregnancy symptoms (or at least the morning sickness, tender breasts) tend to fade after the first trimester. So if you at one point had morning sickness and now you do not, it could just be that you are starting to go into your second trimester. As long as ALL of your pregnancy signs do not start fading and you do no start bleeding or cramping, I think you will be okay. But be sure to call your doctor if you do start to bleed or cramp.

Is it normal for your period to last over one week?

It depends if your just starting or not, if so then its fine. I've been on for three years now and sometimes still do, its normal and fine and nothing to worry about, but if it lasts longer than 10 days I would go to a doctor, I hope this helps, and I wouldn't worry :) x

How long is the Christmas holiday in Europe?

In Poland we usually have 2 weeks, sometimes about 16-17 days maybe. It starts 20th- of December and lasts to the 3d of January (or, in the case the 3rd is Friday or so, it lasts to the 1st day after 3rd of January). Hope it helps.