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It's a relationship that's separate........jk it basically means they no longer live together as a couple but are still in a relationship.

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Q: What is a separated relationship?
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Legal separation can you have a relationship with legal separation?

There is no law that prevents you from having a relationship when you are separated.

Your husband and you separated but he had a relationship that had a real connection during the separation. We were separated for six months. He tried to get me back the whole time.?

Follow your heart

Can you have a relationship to someone having legal separation is processing?

Sure, you can have a relationship with someone who is separated from their spouse. You can't marry that person unless he or she gets a divorce, but you can have a relationship. I think if you are separated you should wait til the divorce is final then start a new relationship in the right way! It also depends on who asked for the divorce in the first place!

Can a person who is legally separated have an intimate relationship with someone else in Louisiana?

No. Louisiana relationship law bans relationships, as opposed to the rest of the country where relationship law does not exist.

Are Taylor and Taylor marring?

No. They've already separated... It wasnt much of a relationship anyways (:

Why Jeff Lynne and rosie vela have separated?

They didn't want a serious relationship anymore.

Is there a chance of getting back together after being separated for 9 months?

That depends on your relationship.

Do people fantisize sexually about their loved one when separated by distance?

In a healthy relationship, yes.

What is the relationship between the sensory and formal properties of art?

Neither can be separated or distinguished from one another.

What was the relationship between English Civil War and the restoration colonies?

well the colonies were separated and they were fighting to be united.

If you are separated but not divorced is having a relationship with someone 'an affair'?

Technically, yes. But it all depends on who your separated from. Even if you consider it alright, if this person's jealous or possessive or anything to that effect, then they might think of it as an affair.

What problems in family relationship are conveyed in the film everybody's fine?

they are all broken and separated there is no true family relationships