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It's a bacterial infection that takes advantage of a prior health problem. The first health problem reduced the body's defenses, and made it easier for the secondary infection to occur.

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Q: What is a secondary bacterial infection?
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What secondary bacterial infections can a person get with a common cold?

Colds make the upper respiratory system less resistant to bacterial infection. Secondary bacterial infection may lead to middle ear infection, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infection, or strep throat.

Do shingles have an odor?

No. Unless there is secondary bacterial infection of the lesions.

Should you take antibiotic's when you have the flu?

usually no, unless you have a secondary bacterial infection

Can you develop an infection from an allergic reaction?

An allergic reaction does not directly cause an infection. However, if the allergic reaction involves skin irritation or broken skin, it can potentially lead to a secondary bacterial infection. It's important to keep any affected areas clean and seek medical attention if there are signs of infection.

Secondary infections?

DefinitionA secondary infection is an infection that occurs during or after treatment of another, already existing infection. It may result from the treatment itself or from alterations in the immune system.For example, a vaginal yeast infection that occurs after antibiotic treatment of a bacterial infection is a secondary infection. The development of bacterial pneumonia following a viral upper respiratory infection is another example.

If you had chickenpox your bumps may get what?

If you had chickenpox, it's possible for your bumps to get a secondary infection. In other words, you could have a bacterial infection of the chickenpox sores.

What do exogenous sources of infection include?

Exogenous infection is a bacterial infection that develops from the outside of the body. Exogenous bacteria are foodborne and waterborne which can be consumed directly or through secondary host.

Influenza is what one localized infection or bacterial infection or systemic infection?

Influenza, is a bacterial infection.

Is leprosy a virus or bacteria?

it is a bacterial infection which is a bacteria

What is Orchitits?

Orchitis is an inflammation of the testicles. It is usually secondary to a viral or bacterial infection (often with the mumps). If you suspect that you may have it, it is important that you see your doctor.

Which cell will respond whether you have viral infection or bacterial infection? can't really cure viral infections, only bacterial infections..hence anti-bacterial as antibiotics for a bacterial infection

A bacterial infection results when bacteria?

A bacterial infection results when bacteria enters the body.