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It would be mean to say to someone, "You have no soul."

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Q: What is a really mean thing to say?
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How do you say 'you're really fat' in spanish?

estas gordo [thats a really mean thing to say] lol

When you say some thing really mean to your friend that you dont mean and you try to say sorry but they wont forgive you?

tell them how much they mean to you, and that you would never want to lose them.

How do you say 'dummy' in Japanese?

baka, it means idiot or moron but it can mean dummy. Same thing really...

To say one thing but mean another?

To say one thing and mean another is sarcasm.

Did Justin bieber be mean to a little girl?

yes but that its not really real many people say its true but i thing it is not

Is no a bad thing to say?

No is not a bad thing to say, but if you use it in a mean way, then it is a bad thing to say

What does it mean when someone calls you Their thing thing?

When someone calls you their 'thing, thing', it means that they're inarticulate; a very limited vocabulary (or they don't want to say the words they're really thinking).

How do you say really in French?

If you mean really as in very, i.e. He is really stupid, the you say tres. If you mean really as in "Is that true?" or "Oh, really?", then you say c'est vrai?

What do you say after you just told your boyfriend you love him and he loves you back?

I would kiss him. he would really enjoy that. that would be the thing to do. he then knows you really mean what you say. that is a great way to continue a relationship.

What do boys mean when they say Okay?

the same thing "you" mean when you say it

What does it mean when a guy says love is overrated like your bf says that to you what does it mean and is it a good thing or bad thing?

Is means too much, not real. Its a bad thing when they say it. Im a guy and I really dont think so

What does this mean hmy?

=HMY= Really means To me its a one personal thing like say when you are missing some peopple HEATH MISSING YOU............!