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Q: What is a prepaid health plan under which a member pays a monthly premium in exchange for comprehensive care?
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Which of these is a prepaid health plan under which a member pays a monthly premium in exchange for comprehensive care?


How does a prepaid iPhone work?

There are a number of carriers who will sell you a prepaid iPhone. The monthly cost is about half the price of an iPhone on contract, but you will pay substantially more for the phone itself since you do not receive a subsidy in exchange for accepting a long-term contract. Also, you'll typically get an older-model iPhone when you buy a prepaid no-contract phone.

Can you buy the LG chocolate touch screen Verizon prepaid?

yes you can put it on prepaid but you have to put it on one of those prepaid monthly plans and you have to have a 9.99 data package. i know this bcuz i have one on prepaid...

Where can I learn about a prepaid credit card and how to get one?

In addition to the banks' official sites, Credit Boards ( has comprehensive information and discussion about prepaid cards.

What is the average monthly fee for prepaid cell plans with texting?

Andybb- Prepaid goes from a minimum of $10 to unlimited. It all depends on how much you text and what calls you make. If you make a lot of these then it may be in your best interest to pay a higher price premium which includes unlimited usage to get away from being charged for each call or text

What is the journal entry for advance insurance premium paid in cash?

prepaid insurance a/c..........dr. To insurance a/c

Are monthly fees normal with a prepaid cell phone?

A prepaid program will have you pay a particular monthly fee that is variable based on the number of minutes you purchase. You won't have to pay monthly though, if you don't use up all the minutes. You'll have to pay again when the minutes are depleted.

Are prepaid cell phones actually cheaper than monthly contracts?

If you are worried about all of the random hidden charges, then you probably should go with a prepaid plan. Prepaid plans are great for all sorts of reasons. You can typically find plans with free unlimited texting along with your monthly plan.

What is the average monthly cost of an unlimited prepaid wireless phone plan?

The average monthly cost of an unlimited prepaid wireless phone plan is approximately fifty dollars. Such a plan is available with phone companies such as Verizon, Virgin Mobile, and T-Mobile.

do you buy prepaid cell cards?

Yes I do buy prepaid cells cards. I have be using a prepaid phone since they first came out in 1997. I love no monthly bill, pay as you go a little expensive but easy to monitor.

Are reloadable prepaid cards are good thing?

Reloadable prepaid cards can be a positive for most people. However, they can be negative because there are high recharge and monthly maintenance fees.

Where can I buy a verizon prepaid phone?

Most verizon prepaid phones are only available in store, however monthly contracts are available online at various venders. Monthly contracts are easier for some people but this generally goes upon the type of person you are and the lifestyle you lead.