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Doing ten push-ups befroe bed ....

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Q: What is a personal physical activity goal?
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What do you consider the most important characteristics of physical activity?

Bodily movement that is voluntary and goal oriented consider the most important characteristics of physical activity.

What is the difference between physical recreation and sport?

Sport is competitive, recreation is fun and enjoyment based. Sports tend to have set rules. Practice is undertaken to improve and get better in sport. Physical recreation can be laid back and based on a more social time. Or could be hobies.

What is the goal of physical fitness?

The major goal of physical fitness is an absence of disease, positive energy, and a sense of physical and mental well-being.Being physiologically capable of handling challenges that exist above a resting threshold of activity.

What personal factors can affect your choice of physical activites?


What are some short term goals that i can do to increase my physical activity level and how can i help reach this goal?

Walking to the best way for you to start to get your physical activity level up. You should start out by walking for short periods of time and work yourself up.

What is a Personal training par-q?

The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire is designed for self-screening by anyone who is planning to start an exercise program of moderate to strenuous activity.

What Physical activity that makes talking difficult is considered to be?

Vigorous Physical Activity :)

Physical activity that makes talking difficult is considered?

Vigorous physical activityVigorous Physical Activity :)Vigorous Physical Activity :)Moderate Physical activityModerate Physical activityreadingreadingVigorous physical activityYouYou

What are the five stages of physical activity?

1.Pre-contimplation (Not considering physical activity) 2. Contemplation (Considering Physical activity) 3. Preparation (Taking steps to prepare for physical activity) 4. Action (Performing physical activity) 5. Maintenance (Performing physical activity on a regular basis)

Physical activity that starts with the letter a?

A physical activity is aerobics.

What is A lifelong physical activity is?

any physical activity that you enjoy and can do now and for the rest of your life.

What is another word for a personal goal?

Other words/terms for personal goal include: personal aim personal objective