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Q: What is a person with a strong love for his country called?
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Who had a strong love for his country in 1818?


Can a person love another person?

yes because he or she has strong feelings about that person

How can I say love you to a person?

You can say "I love you" to a person when you feel like you do and when you get the feeling that the other person feels the same about you... But you have to be sure that you do love that person for love is a strong word as hate....

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by forgetting about the person you love and remembering to be strong and that love goes and comes around

How do you make a person fall in love?

You can't make a person fall in love ,love happens when two people have a really strong conection

What is it called when people are devoted to a country?

Patriotism is the term used to describe the strong love and devotion that people have for their country. It often involves pride in one's national identity and a willingness to support and defend their country.

Strong pride in your country?

Strong pride in one's country is sometimes called patriotism. This type of pride often leads to service in the military and strong opinions regarding one's government.

What is a strong devotion to ones country?


What is similar about loving someone and being in love with someone?

being in love is much stronger. i love my mum but im not "in love" with her. when your in love, there is no one you value more than that person (other than family of course!) Answer When you love someone and are in love with someone it is a very strong bond. Many people love sometimes love a person but are not in love with them even though they are married. Sometimes a person is in love with someone but doesn't really like them as a person much less love them as a person (can't figure that one out but it does happen at least on a short term basis - probably infatuation). But when you love a person and are in love with that person it's usually a pretty strong relationship if they feel the same way.

What is someone called if they love their country?


What is it called when the person you love is not in love with you?

unrequited love

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Look for someone who will complement you. If you are weak, the person is strong.